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Rodrique Limousin has used only top genetics since 2003

Polled: Vergesigte Jeansonnet 03007

Jeansonnet is a very well known name in the Limousin industry. She has exceptionally High Trait values and a +11 for milk! She has scurs and will form part of the Polled AI...
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Renlo P Eileen 8 HV0148

A very strong and productive cow! She Shows an ICP of 369 days!! Renlo P Eileen 8 has contributed extensively to Rodrique limousin stud. She is the Dam of the used stud Bull...
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Rodrique WOH0717

Rodrique WOH0717 is sired from Rodrique E prince 10. Her Dam is Rodrique Navir 5 who is sired from the well known Navir AI Bul in france. She shows a current ICP of...
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Rodrique WOH0715

Rodrique WOH0715 is sired from Rodrique E prince 10 and her Dam has High milk values! She is standing here along with her young heifer. Rodrique WOH0715 has good conformation and a very...
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Polled: FN06023 RAMBLER

FN06023 is Polled and has already weaned a strong Bull calf at Rodrique Limousin. She will form Part of the Polled AI program at Rodrique Limousin. She has a Intercalving period of 374...
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