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Rodrique Limousin has used only top genetics since 2003

AI Sire: Urban Cowboy

Polled Urban Cowboy is a hundred percent pure Polled Limousin Bull. He has been bought by Semex in Canada. Rodrique Limousin is one of the first Breeders in South Africa to use him...
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The champion of the beef bull class at the national show in 2000 for the world congress in Limoges. The width of his back, hips, pins, hind quarter is exceptional ! The Limousin bull able to...
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AI Sire: Zip Man

Zip Man was bred by Wilzak Limousin. He promises to contribute to Rodrique limousin stud with his good conformation, length, hair coat and strength. Six of his calves have been born at Rodrique...
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AI Sire: HV01019

Hv01019 has an exceptional record of producing top Progeny. He has been used at Rodrique Limousin in 2007. His Progeny Bulls sold in 2011 for highest prices in the sale ring. He surely...
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AI Sire: Navire-MN

born on 25/12/1997 Navir-MN is known for his strong Muscle and conformation.  He has been used in a AI program at Rodrique Limousin in 2004 and has produced excellent progeny of which top...
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