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Rodrique Limousin has used only top genetics since 2003

Polled: Vergesigte Jeansonnet 03007

Jeansonnet is a very well known name in the Limousin industry. She has exceptionally High Trait values and a +11 for milk! She has scurs and will form part of the Polled AI program at Rodrique limouisn. Rodrique limousin will flush her in januarie 2013 and use Polled urban cowboy as a Polled sire in the Program!

Super cow with her heifer calf alongside her, sired from FN0964. She Promises to be a good foundation to the introduction of the Polled gene into Rodrique Limousin stud! Rodrique Limousin bought Jeansonnet from the Well known Vergesigte Stud.