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Rodrique Limousin has used only top genetics since 2003

Stud Sire: Devlan Muscle DK05110

What an exceptionally long Bull this is!! Rodrique Limousin bought Muscle from Devlan Limousin in the Freestate, after identifying his good Trait Values, very good milk and his strong eye muscle area. Muscle really brought some outsanding length into the Rodrique limousin female stock. A variety of cows have been selected for him and he has been used at Rodrique limousin in 2009, 2010 and 2011. During this period a diffrent cow type was selected to be mated with Rodrique Navir 054.

The first Progeny of Muscle will be on sale from 2013 at the upcoming sales in July at ermelo as well as the beginning of August at Kroonstad!