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Rodrique Limousin has used only top genetics since 2003

Available out of Hand.

Rodriquelimousin has strong Bulls available out of Hand. Information on each Bull can be found underneath each Foto.

Contact Rodrique Limousin on 0825777208 for more information.






WOH135. Rodrique Polled Cowboy. a Strong Polled Bull. Available! call Rudi at 0825777208


WOH1318. Rodrique Carica Malibu. Lekker sterk Bul. Beskikbaar!










WOH1435. Rodrique 007 Carcas. Beskikbaar


FN 1170. Vergesigte NO FEAR RAMBLE. n Dik Poenskop BUL!. Beskikbaar.












Sold 1230 strong Bull. He is a Top Bul..Navir on Dam side. exceptional growth and milk ebv’s


Sold Rodrique Muscle Prince 25 is a strong Bul with calwing ease.



Sold Rodrique Muscle 1213 is a strong Bul.


WOH 11-5

Sold!       Rodrique HERCULES 115 is a strong Bull.


SOLD!       This Bul has a good milk Value!


SOLD!    Rodrique 118 has been used on 20 stud cows at Rodrique limousin. This is a Bull with good length.. His Sire is the highest price Bull at Rodrique limousin in 2010.


SOLD!    Rodrique Muscle WOH 7 is a strong Bull and promises to deliver good progeny. Congratulations to Agricor Landbou Dienste A.C. Hibbert Boerdery who bought this promising Bull at Rodrique Limousin for R25000..


SOLD!    Rodrique muscle Universell. He has a very good birth weight value and a exceptional good DAM. His Dam has preduced stud Bulls before.