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Rodrique Limousin has used only top genetics since 2003


The champion of the beef bull class at the national show in 2000 for the world congress in Limoges. The width of his back, hips, pins, hind quarter is exceptional ! The Limousin bull able to give the maximal shape. His daughters are long, with a good top line and a great back end.Very easy calver.

Malibu has been introduced to the Rodrique Limousin stud in 2008. After carefull selection his son Rodrique malibu 096 has been chosen as a stud sire. Rodrique malibu 096 is the leading stud sire in 2012 at Rodrique Limousin along with Polled Urban Cowboy.

Malibu has bred long and broad heifers which are forming part of the female stock at Rodrique Limousin since 2011.