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Rodrique Limousin has used only top genetics since 2003


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    The Limousin breed has always been known for its ability to turn inputs into kilograms of red meat.
    With the unveiling of case-ready products, Limousin genetics add a whole new meaning to the word efficiency.
    Over the years, Limousin has gained a favorable reputation for their calving-ease, calf vigor and overall survivability.

    The findings on birth weight and calving ease showed a distinct advantage for Limousin compared with most other popular breeds.
    Continually striving for improvement, Rodrique Limousin has focused selection pressure to maintain the breed’s sensible birth weight advantage while bending the curve on growth traits.

    “We really search for those curve bender bulls, or those bulls with low birth weights and good growth gains.”

    Rüdiger HinzeDirectorRüdiger Hinze